22 thoughts on “Great Aussie Poem Posters

  1. Dear Mr Kane,
    What I enjoyed about it is that we made our own anthem and we used some of the anthems to help us. I also like our anthem with the ACDC background.

  2. Hey Mr Kane,
    I really enjoyed this activity because we got to use our netbooks to research the information. I also liked the slideshow with the poems.


  3. Hi Mr Kane,

    The thing that I really enjoyed on the activity is working together and writing in a lot of things that’s wonderful in Australia. Especially taking a picture of Hugh and I, it is fun to think about other verses for our Australian poem. Thanks.


  4. Hey Mr Kane
    I really enjoyed making the Australian poems, Harry and I worked together and our poem was called Australian Sports. This activity was fun, did you enjoy looking at our poems?

    From Sam

    • I loved it Sam. Everybody looked at a wide variety of Australian songs and poems. Advance Australia Fair, Waltzing Mattilda, True Blue and I love a Sunburnt Country by Dorothea McKellar to name a few. I really enjoyed the wide variety of poems students created. It is great to be able to share them with everyone who sees our blog. So far we have had people from six different countries look at our blog.

    • Well done Laura. We learnt a lot about Australia and our beliefs. It was a great way to explore our heritage and culture.

  5. Hiya Mr Kane,
    Leyla and I really enjoyed doing these posters.
    Its really fun doing this sort of thing and I would like to do more of these activities in class. (Not that we dont do heaps anyway!)

  6. Hi Mr kane,
    I really enjoyed doing this activity. I liked going through some aussie poems, especially because I didn’t know the lyrics to most of them. It was hard trying to come up with some good lyrics to put in our poems. Will we be doing any more poems or songs for next term? I really hope we will be because this activity was fun.

    From Isabelle

    • That is a fantastic comment Isabelle. I am so impressed with your maturity and level of understanding. Most people enjoyed this activity and I think we can pursue it much further next time.

  7. Hi Mr Kane,
    This activity was really fun. Sam and I worked really hard and it ended up really good. Our poem is called Australian sports.

    Harry J

  8. This is great but sadly i’m not in it. But you know things happen so it’s ok.

    Also great poems guys they are great,they all work like a real poem.


  9. Hey Mr Kane,
    Our aussie poem is called The New Anthem.
    The thing I most liked about the activity was trying to make the video.

  10. Hi Mr Kane

    I enjoyed this activity because we got to work with a partner to make a colourful AUSSIE! poster.

    Thanks for the fun activity

    From Winter

  11. To Mr.Kane,
    I love the slide show! It looks realy good. The whole blog looks realy great. Thanks for being great blog maker (and teacher).
    from Hugh

  12. Hi Mr Kane,
    I really enjoyed this activity but there is one problem…. Laura’s and mine are not there.
    From Chiara

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