22 thoughts on “Measuring Up

  1. Hello mr kane,
    I liked getting out of the class room to work but the problem our group faced was measuring things that weren’t perfectly square.

  2. Whatz up Mr Kane,
    I liked the activity and I thought it was really fun. The problem was that the lines were too thick and we weren’t sure where to measure. We measured a round object and it was hard to do. Thank you for that activity

    Harvey =) 8)

  3. The thing that I really enjoyed about doing this activity was working together with our own team and finding the area and perimiter of the shapes. The best thing about the activity was that we got to go outside rather than staying inside in our classroom…..

    – Hakim

  4. To Mr Kane

    I enjoyed this activity because we got to go outside and measure things that we haven’t before.

    The problems that we had were…Losing count and uneven objects. Thanks for the fun activity.

    From Winter

  5. Hi Mr Kane,
    I think the problem we had was when we where measuring the 8 because it was all round and we were not sure where to measure for the width.
    From Chiara

  6. This was fun. It was good to get outside and do our work but it was very cold. It was kind of hard because we had to measure the cricket pitch and it was kind of curvy.

  7. Mr.Kane,
    My problem was when you were measuring and you came across an obstacle. That got really annoying.


  8. Hi Mr Kane
    I thought the measurement activity was great.
    The difficulties I found was that I was measuring with tape and the wind would keep blowing my measuring tape. The other difficult thing was trying to measure shapes that weren’t equal and some lines were not straight, they were curved.

  9. Hi Mr Kane,
    I found this activity fun.It’s way better than sitting in class and learning.It was fun using the trundle wheels to measure the perimeter and the area.It was tricky to know whether to put the trundle wheel on the inside of the line or on the outside or in the middle. We ended up putting ours in the middle.

    From Isabelle

  10. Hey MR Kane,
    I thought that the measurement activity was great but it would have been good if we could have chosen our own groups. It would have beeen more fun to do it with my friends. I found measuring the playground was the hardest to measure because the sides weren’t even

  11. HI Mr Kaneo
    The measuring skill activity was fun but it got harder when it reached to the corners.

    From Ming:)

  12. Hi Mr Kane,Thomas here, and im going to talk about the measureing activy .Firstly I enjoyed it but my group did have some problems like:

    We had to measure a big 8/eight and that was a problem becuase we had to measure round and had to work out the area and it was hard but we did it.

    Secondly, some of the sounds outside were distracting and made us loose count.

    Lastly, there were some bumps that made the trundle wheel go the wrong way.

    But overall I enjoyed it and thanks for reading bye.

  13. Hi Mr Kane, my name is Mark from your Grade, such imagination can lead to a magnificent creation like this. I love it as much as existence. Perfect.

    • Thanks for writing to us Nicole. The students reall y enjoyed measuring the different items, especially when they measured each other.

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