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  1. Hi Mr Kane, I really enjoyed doing small businesses this year. I like how you have posted pictures on the blog of small businesses. From Tom

  2. Hi Mr. Kane. It’s me Lucy. The businesses are pretty fun. Some days I just think we didn’t go very well. I’ll try my best from now on. I don’t think that spruiking will help much, I will try a tiny bit of it. Thankyou for planning this fun week. I am sure that everyone has enjoyed it. I hope that some 5/6s come to my stall on Friday.

  3. Hi Mr kane
    it is Indianna, I’m having alot of fun with the businesses. We are selling alot of things now. We didnt on the first day but the scarves are a big hit now we are getting lots more every day. Thanks for setting up the class blog and businesses it’s alot of fun and geting us to let the creativity out. Thanks Mr Kane.

  4. That video was a good idea Mr.Kane!The buisnesses have been fun so far but my group hasn’t made alot of profit yet because everything is too cheap!Other wise everything is going ok.

  5. Hi
    It is Serena from Mr Kanes class. The small businesses are a realy good idea. Our shop is having so much fun doing this idea. Come to the One Stop Awesome shop.
    From Serena

  6. Sean, Kai, Sam and I are running a mini shop called The Superstore. On the first day we made $14.70, on the second day we made $18.70 and on the third day we made $17.75.

  7. On monday we started our small businesses.My stall is call the Super Store.On the first day we earned $14.70.On the second day we made $18.70.On the third day we made $17.75 from the stress balls. The total money we made so far is $50.15.

  8. Hi Mr.Kane, I’m Sean and I like the photo story. Also kizoa is a good website to use. I heard it was a good website. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Mr Kane it is Sam
    Ilove the photo-story so much. It was a great idea, the superstore have made $31 OMG. What a great idea.
    Sam V

  10. Hey Mr Kane, I like the small businesses. Our group has a lot of money – in total $79.45. i like the pictures you have put up.
    from Rhys

  11. Hi Mr Kane!
    I have been having lots of fun doing businesses because it’s been an amazing experience knowing what it’s like to be in an actual business! Thank you heaps for organising this with the other teachers and I really, really hope you do it again next year. We have made roughly about…
    which is pretty good I suppose.
    I’m looking forward to today as I get to spend money for the stall because I will be at choir tomorrow for the Eisteddford. IT’S MY LAST DAY!! πŸ™
    I have still had lot’s of fun and thank you!

  12. Dear Mr Kane,
    I think it was a great idea to upload a slideshow and display our stalls. My stall is called Bargain Box and my group is Abbi, Indigo and Charlie as well as Tess. Bargain Box has made a total of $36.60 and aims for around $50 at the end. I can’t wait for today and tomorrow to continue selling. I also think it’s an excellent idea to have a 5/6B class blog.
    From Emma πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Mr Kane, I hope you enjoyed the stalls we have, I know I really enjoy it. Also we have sold lots of things, it is so cool. I hope some grade 5|6s come to our stall on Friday.
    Amy πŸ™‚

  14. I think that was a very good photo story you made. Im realy enjoying the small busineses. I wish this was on every year. Our store is called Great Gifts Galore. On Monday we made $18.40. On Tuesday we made $13.00. On Wednesday me made $20.50. We made $51.90 all up. We made the least money on Tuesday and the most on Wednesday. I LOVE the small busineses.

  15. Hi Mr.Kane
    i think that this activity is really fun, I enjoyed it. Also I really think we should have more stuff to sell and we should make it cheaper.

  16. Hi Mr Kane it’s Indigo. I just wanted to say that I am having so much fun running our business and I’m really looking forward to the days to come.

  17. We have been operating stalls across the Gr 5/6 classrooms. These are some pictures of the different groups-the people in them and our products that we’ve been selling.

  18. To Mr Kane
    Thank you for taking photos of our stalls. Now I will be able to show my parents & family our stalls. Our stall got quite a bit of customers on the first day & earnt $18.40. On the second day we earnt $13.00, & 0n the third day we earnt $20.50. It gave us a total of $51.90.

  19. Hi Mr Kane. I have really enjoyed doing small businesses and I hope we can do something like it again some other time.

  20. Hi Mr Kane, small businesses has been a great experience and I really enjoyed doing it. My group (Crafty Kings) has raised $109 in total,out of these four days. From Tom

  21. Today was our last day of the stalls. Most groups were trying to get rid of their products. We sold pretty much all of our products which was good. I bought lots of things- overall it was good.

  22. During this week the 5/6s have been selling products at their own small business’ to the other grade levels. We have raised a huge amount of money over the past five days. It was exciting over the days. We raised a massive amount of money $2,034.

  23. Hello Mr Kane,
    I think the small business idea was magnificent and I really enjoyed it. I can’t believe the grand total of money, it’s amazing!! Our group (Bargain Box) made a total of $69.30 which I beleive is pretty good. Everybody’s stalls were excellent and I really enjoyed buying from others. Altogether I think it was a great week and I would love to do it again.
    From Emma πŸ™‚

  24. Hello Mr Kane, I have really enjoyed doing small businesses. One of my favourite things was going and looking at the ideas other people had.

  25. Hi Mr.Kane! It’s Charlie!We have really enjoyed the stalls business and we have learnt that you need to have alot of patience when owning a business!We have really enjoyed this week!
    P.S Thankyou for letting us do the businesses! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  26. Hi Mr.Kane!!! It’s me Lucy. Thankyou so very much for oranising this awesome week. It waswn’t that awesome for me because we got only a little amount of money. I know that we tried our hardest and did our best, but sometimes thats what happens. We all enjoyed it, and that was the good thing. thankyou again Mr.Kane. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  27. Hey Mr Kane. I liked the small businesses. Our group – crafty kings made $109.00 I really enjoyed this. Can we do something similar?

  28. Hello Mr Kane
    I`m Hamish and I thought
    We made a reasonable amount of money,
    But I was expecting more.
    It was an awesome program.
    From Hamish

  29. Hello Mr Kane, I can’t believe that we raised, $2034.15 DOLLARS!!! Some people must have had really good stuff at their stalls, but this unit was really fun, and I have been looking forward to this, ever since the FIRST, EVER, Small Businesses program, and aren’t I lucky, this happened on my last year of school.

  30. Hi Mr Kane.

    Today we finished our small businesses. My group was
    called -the super store.
    Today we went bad we made 5 cents.
    But we got rid of all the stuff we were selling.
    At the end we all went mad to get lots of
    Stuff for free.

    By Kai

  31. Hello Mr kane. I thought this week was really fun. I personally think the 5/6’s worked really hard.The money we raised was $2034.15c was a great effort from everyone in 5/6! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  32. Hi Mr Kane
    It is our last day of stalls and our group has made $4.50. It was not that good but at least we made some money. Also I got to buy some stuff off some of the other stalls. I got a lucky dip and a free pet rock. Our class has done well and it was so fun making money.
    From Amy

  33. Hey, Today was our last day on the Small Businesses. We made $2.70. We did really bad today but it was very fun. I bought three spinners, lots of bookmarks and some Slime for my sister. We made $76.20 All Up

  34. Hi Mr Kane
    Over all, our small businesses went really well. We all raised a total amount of $2,043.15. It was a really sucessful week and I would like to do it agen some day.
    From Serena

  35. Hi Mr Kane, its Chase speaking. I have had a great time with small business, I hope we do something like this again.

    from Chase

  36. Hi Mr Kane, I really enjoyed doing the small businesses this year. I hope we can do something similar during the year.
    Sean πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  37. Mr Kane, this was a really good idea to do small business. Also can we do a project on something with parnters bye?

  38. Hi Mr.Kane,
    I was so surprised today when I heard that our group has earned more than $50, it was more than what I expect. I had a lot of fun and learned that starting a business is not as easy as you thought it might be. You have to do a lot of work and it’s hard to think of the store’s name, the products and what people really want and need.

  39. Thanks for allowing me to visit your classroom yesterday. It was great to see such a friendly, happy group at work. If you would like to visit our class blog you can google mngrcps and you will find us.

  40. hi im from mr gibsons class in riddells creek primary and this activity looks really fun i would really like to try it at our school =)

    • Thanks Ryan for writing on our blog. The businesses were a lot of fun and students learnt alot about advertising, selling and price fluctuations. At the end of the selling period, they had to drop their prices in order to sell everything.

    • Thank you Emilee for writing on our blog. The students loved the small businesses. The made things and sold them.

    • Thank you so much for writing to us? The small businesses was a program we conducted last term. Students in the grade 5/6 classes worked in small groups to organise a business. We then had a week where other students in the school could come and buy things from their business. The kids made posters to advertise and also made many items to sell. They loved it and raised over $2000.

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