Read Aloud Day

Grade 5/6B students had great fun reading to each other when they participated in the Read Aloud day.
Read Aloud Day on PhotoPeach
What did you enjoy most about this activity? What is your favourite picturestory book and why?

Factors and Prime Numbers

Here is a way to practise what you know about factors and prime numbers.

You will need to click on the image and then click   Main Games Page at top of page then on the Factor Tree Game.

Let me know what you think…helpful or not?

and…What maths do you need to know to be successful on this task?


What’s my angle?

Test your  knowledge of angles. These links will take you to sites that will do just that.

Good Luck!

Australia’s Past

We have been learning about Australian History this term. What information have you found to be the most interesting? Write three interesting facts relating to the project you are currently working on.



The gold diggers faced many hardships whilst trying to discover gold. List some of the problems they may have faced.